Present perfect tense
Present perfect tense

Present Perfect Tense Definition

Present Perfect Tense In which Sentence Activities/Action Completed In Present time. Example– I have Slept., You have completed my home work., She has gone., He has danced on the stage., Roman has Played the cricket., She is reached Noida., Etc…,

Present Perfect Tense Rules

InterrogativeHas/have+sub+v3+obj ?
Question wordWh-Family+has/have+sub+v3+obj ?

Present Perfect Tense Affirmative Sentence Examples

  • I have reached home.
  • You have slept.
  • We have stolen my book.
  • She has come from Lucknow.
  • Rama has won the match.
  • We have reached Canada.

Present Perfect Tense Negative Sentence Examples

  • I have not reached the home.
  • You have not slept.
  • We have not stolen my book.
  • She has not come from Delhi.
  • Rama has not completed his work.
  • We have not reached China.

Present Perfect Tense Interrogative Sentence Example

  • Have I not reached The Home ?
  • Has She cooked the food ?
  • Have we stolen the money ?
  • Has Rama played the cricket ?
  • Have you written a letter ?
  • Has He gone the school ?

Present Perfect Tense Question word Sentence Example

  • When have you played the match ?
  • What have you done this ?
  • Where have you gone yesterday ?
  • Why has He gone New Delhi ?
  • When has bus gone Lucknow ?
  • When have buses come from Agra ?

Present Perfect Tense Examples

  • We have slept .
  • She has not completed her work ?
  • Have You Gone the Agra ?
  • Why Have you visited Lucknow ?
  • When Have you Come From Nepal ?
  • Where have you gone New Delhi ?
  • I have not stolen the your book ?
  • He has played the cricket with his friends ?