present continuous tense
Present Continuous Tense

Present Continues Tense Definition

Present Continuous Tense In which Sentence Activities are continues in present time. Example– I am going to study., I and you are playing the cricket., She is dancing., He is not going to bathing., Why is Rama going to Delhi ? etc..,

Present Continuous Tense Rules

AffirmativeSub+is/am/are+v1 (+ing) +obj .
NegativeSub+is/am/are+not+v1 (+ing) +obj .
InterrogativeIs/am/are+sub+v1 (+ing) +obj ?
Question wordWh-Family+is/am/are+v1 (+ing) +obj ?

Present Continuous Tense Affirmative Sentence Examples

  • I am going to school.
  • you are playing the football.
  • Rama and you are going to Delhi.
  • They are driving a car .
  • she is reading .
  • He is working .

Present Continuous Tense Negative Sentence Examples

  • I am not going to running.
  • I and you are not driving cycle.
  • She is not going to Lucknow.
  • He is not going to Agra .
  • Rama is coming to Mumbai.

Present Continuous Tense Interrogative Sentence Examples

  • Are you playing the Football ?
  • Is she going to Delhi ?
  • Is he going to New York ?
  • Am I going to California ?
  • Are you bathing ?
  • Is Rama dancing on the stage ?

Present Continuous Tense Question word Sentence Examples

  • Why Is Rama going to Tokyo ?
  • What am I learning In the Book ?
  • When are you coming to New Delhi ?
  • Since When are you studying In Lucknow ?
  • Where are you going ?

Present Continuous Tense Examples

  • I am Studying In New Delhi.
  • You are not reading the book.
  • Is she going to Mexico ?
  • When is she come from Lucknow ?
  • Where are you going ?
  • Why are you learning English ?
  • Why Is Rama teaching kids ?