Give a character sketch of yudhishthira

Give A Character Sketch Of Yudhishthira Answer Class 10
Give A Character Sketch Of Yudhishthira Answer Class 10

AnsYudhishthira was the eldest of the Pandavas, who were five brothers. the qualities of Yudhishthira can be described as follows. (Give a character sketch of Yudhishthira)

  1. Loving And Caring Brother – Yudhishthira was the eldest and very loving brother of all Pandavas. they were living in exile. when he saw all of his brothers lying dead, he could not bear the grief and started weeping bitterly.
  2. Patient and wise – Yudhishthira was a very wise and intelligent person. he was patient enough to face and solve any situation. he listened to all the questions of yaksha and answered patiently that pleased the yaksha. he was successful in reviving his brothers by his knowledge and intelligence.
  3. Impartial and man of justice – Yudhishthira was a man of justice. he impartially chooses Nakula, Madrid’s son (the second wife of his father) as he himself was the alive son of Kunti, the first wife of his father. this shows that he was a lover of justice ..

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