Do You want to Connect “yahoo small business’s Domain” to Blogger. for Free. then follow below steps.

how to connect yahoo small business domain to blogger, link YSB domain to blogger
Link Yahoo small business domain to blogger free

Link Yahoo small business domain to blogger

  1. Go to Your Yahoosmallbusiness Dashboard .
  2. Go to online section.
  3. Then Click … option, manage site.
  4. Click on Manage Domain.
  5. Finally You reached DNS records.
  6. Now go to blogger and copy 2 CNAMEs and their Destination.
  7. CNAME – 1 (source – www, Destination – )
  8. CNAME – 2 (source – 3jpr5gk7mngs, Destination – ) {appy Your Cnames }
  9. Paste Your CNAMEs and Destination in your DNS record (A and CNAME section)
  10. copy this IP Р174.129.25.170 and Paste (host Р@, and Destination )
  11. now finally your website hosted with blogger after some time.

Link Yahoo Small Business Domain DNS – Blogger

First go to add custom site Example – then Copy 2 CNAMEs and Destination and paste your DNS follow by.

www Redirect Yahoo small business

For work add a DNS record Source – @, Destination – .

Add DNS record in Your Yahoo Small Business (DNS section)

Click on Add button inside ‘A and CNAME Records’ Then create 3 records follow by below ……….

how to link yahoo small business domain to blogger
Link Yahoo small business domain to blogger

Don’t Apply second line (row) in table because it’s mine, you can apply 1st and 3rd.

Note 1


If you couldn’t understand by Article. then You can watch video and do.

Hindi Video for connect YSB domain to Blogger.