Common Use Full Form You Should Learn Daily Bases.

Full Form

Here Is Most Popular Full Form You Can Remember And Increase Your Knowledge .AC,DC,ATM,CBI,OTP,SBI,CCTV,DSLR,EMI,FIR,FM,GDP,GPS,GST,HTML,HTTP,IBM And More Note: Write On Text Book Otherwise Write On PC . (Age Calculator) .

A.M full Form

A.M = ante meridiem, (before Noon)A

AC Full Form

AC= Air Conditioner

ATM Full Form

ATM= Automatic Teller Machine

AIDS Full Form

AIDS= Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

ATA Full Form

ATA= Advance Technology Attachment

AAC Full Form

AAC= Advance Audio Coding

BA Full Form

BA= Bachelor Of Arts

B. Tech Full Form

B.Tech= Bachelor Of Technology Full Form Bachelor Of Science Full Form Bachelor Of Science In Agriculture

BAMS Full Form

BAMS= Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery Full Form Bachelor Of Computer

BBA Full Form

BBA= Bachelor Of Business Administration

BBC full form

BBC= British Broadcasting Corporation

BCA Full Form

BCA= Bachelor Of Computer Application

B. ed Full Form

B.ed= Bachelor Of Education

BMP Full Form

BMP= Bitmap

CBI Full Form

CBI= Central Bureau Of Investigation

CBI= Central Bank Of India

CBSE Full Form

CBSE= Central Board Of Secondary Education

CM full form

CM= Chief Minister

C-in-C full form

CinC= Commander In Chief

CDC full form

CDC= Lower Division Clerk

CPWD full form

CPWD= Central Public Works Department

CCTV Full Form

CCTV= Close Circuit Television

CEO full form

CEO= Chief Executive Officer

COD full form

COD= Cash On Delivery

CFL full form

CFL= Compact Fluorescent Lamp

COB full Name

COB= Close Of Business

CPU full form

CPU= Central Processing Unit

CD full form

CD= Compact Disk

D sc Full form

D sc= Doctor Of Science

Dr Full Form

Dr= Doctor

DM full Form

DM= district magistrate

DM= Direct Message

DSLR full form

DSLR= Digital single-lens reflex

DSP full form

DSP= Deputy Superintendent Of Police

DTP full form

DTP= Desk-Top Publishing

DVD full Form

DVD= Digital Video Disk

DP full form

DP= Display Picture

DJ full form

DJ= Disk Jockey

DNA full form

DNA= Deoxyribo-Nucleic Acid

DNS full Form

DNS= Domain Name System

EMI full form

EMI= Equated Monthly Installment

FIFA full form

FIFA= Federation Internationale de Football Association

FM full form

FM= Frequency Modulation

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