BM Yadav Founder and CEO of whatBM Company. He has made many websites and apps to help people. his motive “People don’t be Unemployment, Female & Male both are Equal, One Religion is Humanity, People should have Personality, People Live in City, not Village. etc..,

BM Yadav was born in Pakaha, Deoria, Uttar Pradesh in India. During his Matric Study his favorite subject Computer, Economics, English and another subject he was not more intelligent.

BM Yadav has study 1st to 9th Class in Pakaha. then he went to Gorakhpur and completed the 10th class with non-school. During Prepare Board Exam at that time, he was Developed many websites because he was a self-learned programmer. he had started learning programming language when he was 15 years old.

Why BM Yadav is Famous…?

BM Yadav Famous Because he owned Many Companies, Website, Apps, also he is a Developer, Digital Marketer, Economist, Global Marketer, Coder, Feminism, Support Women Empower, Big Dream… etc..,

Now, BM Yadav owned –,, and more website those are popular in the US, Europe

BM Yadav short biography

NameBM Yadav
occupationOwned Many Companies, Coder, Economist, Marketer
Birth PlacePakaha, Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, India
Interest Computers Technology & Electronics
Resident Delhi, Deoria, GKP, Pakaha
Nationalism Indian
StateUttar Pradesh

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