how to learn English fast

how to learn English fast

I Guys If You Want To Learn Basic Grammar Then You Need Different Meaning, Word, Form Of Verb Then You Can Able To Learn Grammar. Grammar Is Improve Language and We Could learn the best Language. Today’s modern Life We should be 2 (two) language need 1st local language and 2nd English Language then this is best way to share anything anywhere with help the English Language .

The high school — like the rest of Dallas ISD — is now closed and will remain so until the coronavirus crisis ebbs. In the meantime, instruction at TJ will now happen strictly online. And that’s an extra hurdle for Slosser’s students, all of whom have been in the country for less than a year and are learning to speak English.

Slosser says that there’s little question the new reality will be a challenge. But it is one that she’s ready to tackle. Now is the time to be experimental, she says, and explore the limits of technology as it relates to language acquisition.

Her students, by and large, are technologically savvy and resilient, she says. “We have a big village of educators who are anxious, but willing to take this on. We’ve got to be strong for the kids and make the best of this situation.”

It’s that type of enthusiasm and inventiveness that makes the sixth-year teacher special, says Sandy Massey, TJ’s principal.

“She’s an example and a model for the kind of teachers we look for,” Massey says.

Autumn Slosser (right), a Thomas Jefferson High School ESL teacher, in the classroom on Feb. 13, before the coronavirus outbreak put a stop to in-person classes.(Juan Figueroa / Staff Photographer)

As proof of her knack for problem-solving, just look at how Slosser is trying to help students like Maynor Caal, who is learning English as a third language, through his second language, Spanish.

Maynor is one of about 30 students at Thomas Jefferson who speak Q’eqchi’ (pronounced kek-chee) as their native language.

We Discuss How Learn Grammar Easy (US & UK English)

British Council, UK’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities, has developed special content and fun activities that parents and kids can use to learn English.

For children and parents who are at home these days, here are a few good tips and activities to do.

  1. Challenge A Friend

Keeping in contact with school friends can help children feel less isolated. Ask your child to challenge a friend over a chat or video call. If they can call them and speak English, even better! Ask them to play on School Run or Wordshake available on the website. Make a story on Story Maker or design a hero or teddy together. Or else give them a tongue twister challenge.

  1. Watch And Follow How To … Videos

The How to … Videos show children how to make or do something, with online or printable exercises that children can complete independently to check their understanding.

  1. Talk to everybody In English

If you talk English to everybody then Auto set in your mind English Language.

  1. Google Translate

Google Translate Is Best Translate App Any Language You Can Translate With This App You Are Already Familiar.

  1. Watch YouTube Video Western Country Prank

If You Watch Prank Of Western Country Like France , USA, Australia, NZ, and More English Country Language Then Auto Set Your Mind English ..

  1. Watch Subtitle English movie..

if You Watched Movie Then Switch English Movie And see with subtitle. this way helps to improve English Language grammar.

  1. Used Mobile Apps in English.

your mobile and apps setting in English, then best ways to learn English.

  1. chat In English With Your Friends..

When You Chat With Your Friend Then Chat In English this is also the best way to learn English. then now always chat in English with your friend.

  1. Make Friend In English Country

Make Friend In English country like – USA, NZ, UK, European Country and More And chat with In English.

  1. Watch Show..

On TV Watch English Show Like the Ellen Show, Tonight Show and More Show.

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Finally Word

For Learn English Need Form Of Verb Then And Go Learn English Form Of Verb And Irregular Verb.