Nowadays you will be hearing one more laptop brand Avita Laptop. so we will discuss about is Avita Laptop good brand or Company for Us .

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If you are think Avita Laptop is good brand then you are right mostly users and we also use Avita Laptop. yet we have got best response. it’s fast, premium looking, light, thin, slim etc..,

Avita Laptop comes with SSD storage, Powerful RAM and Value for Money.

Avita Laptop Best For

Avita Laptops come different series like Essential, Pura, Liber and Admiror

  • Essential – it’s starting laptop of Avita. Avita Essential Laptop poor speed so we don’t recommended you.
  • Pura – Avita Pura series mean Starter or Students. Avita Pura series has focused beginners and students. it comes with AMD A9, Ryzen 3 and Intel i3. (You can do coding, edit, game etc..,)
  • Liber – Avita Liber Series has focused for Professor, Coder, Editor, Business Person, Travelers etc.., Liber comes with Ryzen 7, Intel i5/i7. (You can do Game, editing, animations, coding etc.., )
  • Admiror – Avita Admiror series is same like liber series but it has advance looking features, design you can check it – Avita Admiror.

Avita Laptop Price

You can Check all Avita Laptop Price at the official site

Country of Origin

Avita Laptop is Hong Kong base Company it parent company is Nexstgo. most Avita Laptop sell in India.

Service of Avita Laptop

Did you know Avita Laptop comes with 24 months international warranty. Also Service center available for Avita Laptop. even it has home services.

Bad Thing in Avita Laptop

Some people say that….

  • Camera – according to few people it have poor camera quality.
  • Windows 10 s Mode – According to few people they have limit with windows 10 s mode. but we can switch normal mode.
  • Hitting with AMD Processor – some people are saying it is few hitting with AMD Processor.
  • Battery Backup – Avita Laptop Company has mentioned 8 hours battery life but 5 hours battery life…